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make money from home: Do you have an idea about the copywriting?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do you have an idea about the copywriting?

Do you have an idea about the copywriting?

Copywriting is one of the techniques of writing that should be known by every authors on the internet, that way must learn how to write articles and sales letters.

At the beginning of my journey on the internet, I intend to find some techniques to practice my work at home and earn money, I was confronted with the first course dedicated to sales letters and copywriting, to this reason, and to access to my goal, I downloaded several books to learn all the secrets of this profession that has made millionaires on the internet and in the real world.

Spending some dollard to buy books was still one of my own needs, manner I invested hundreds of dollars in buying some courses copywriting. Among the books that I liked are the two famous books of Ted Nicholas: "How to turn words into money" and "Magic Words That bring you rich", believe me you do not regret after buying these two books, they are real bible to discover the secret power of words and written communication.
Are you sure you want to learn copywriting? this book is for you :write to sell!

Consulltation the French research led me to have them yet important ideas in that manner by chance I found the book "how to write a letter that sells" Christian Godefroy (internationally recognized because he writes in French and English). I inspired whenever I need ideas for catchy headlines or first paragraphs panting.

So the question you need to ask: why copywriting? is is what is really important to maintain a good work at home?

As we all know that the Internet remains a medium for the exchange of ideas, and in your communication on the internet and to sell, you need to use words to persuade people to accept your offer or confirm as an expert in your niche. Learning copywriting techniques you will be able to convert a percentage of your potential prospects into customers and loyal, and this has to be achieved after several distribution techniques, for example:

1 - emails.
2 - The layout of your site.
3 - post messages on forums.
4 - you add comments on blogs.
5 - The articles that you write on your blog or site.

So, I hope you are convinced role of copywriting, as you can make a fortune by writing  text for sale on the internet, so it is a successful work at home.


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