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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hire someone to help at home!

hire someone to help at home!

Parfoi, find yourself in a dilemma when exercion your commitment inside and outside home, necessarily when it comes to cases of illness or reduced mobility, or andean, the solution which you find is  the recruitment of a qualified person to assist in the tasks of daily living.

  As you know all, every employee has certain needs of a right, as an employee, it must be said in recognition of companies employed of recruitment .like this,he be declared and identified, the person may request an statement must return it within!
Declaration entitles the employee to receive a registration number that will appear always on his payslip.

When recruiting a person abroad, you must (as a recruiter), you must ensure the consistency of its position before hiring, because the new hire needs to put more sheets in the recruitment file.

families who hire other people to do work at home can also benefit from a significant reduction in tax. Profiles to those concerned are mainly related to the care of the elderly or sick.

Any employee hired and are required to sign an employment contract, are indicated in the right of each, the rules of work, all with the aim of finding a Reference in a dispute between the two sides.

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