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make money from home: Do you know a sale with AMAZON?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you know a sale with AMAZON?

My father went bankrupt when I was 15. We really lost everything, and it was very hard. So in my head and in my heart teenager, I vowed not to know such humiliation again. Ever.

Why my father had he gone bankrupt?

1. Because he surrounded himself not competent people. This is how I decided to trust only the best.

To my surprise, the best are not the most expensive. They are even cheaper!

Because you avoid so many mistakes and failures, because they give you tips that save you years.

2. Because he did not sell.
So I learned to sell. But I also realized that many people did not sell.

Maybe do you belong to this category of persons. Sell ​​you do not like, simply.

So I have good news for you: with the Kindle program, you do not have to sell. Let us be clear: if you know it will sell of course an advantage, but not necessary.

Amazon will sell you.

How do they do it?

If you have already purchased on Amazon, you already know they have a system of artificial intelligence that knows the tastes of their customers. Profile, and advises as would
a bookseller neighborhood.

You bought a book and an author publishes a new one? Amazon warns you.

Are you interested in a topic? Amazon offers other titles on the same subject.

It will even show you what has been bought other customers who have the same tastes as you. And they do not stop there.

They buy Google ads to promote the books they sell. They send emails to their millions of customers with suggestions.

They irresistible offers. They allow readers to browse the book online
to see if it will please them.

And above all ...

THEY HAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AFFILIATES who send them clients. , You do not need to sell. This is why your earnings are non-commercial profits. Because the only retailer is Amazon!


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