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make money from home: Buy a domain name: any ideas?!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buy a domain name: any ideas?!

Buy a domain name: any ideas?!

Buy a domain name available is one of the main thing you need to do when developing a website ,whose goal is to have a space to access your website on the web, even to enable a resolution of address of any website, that is to say get a name for an IP address(domain name lookup).

Choosing a domain name is mainly due to you, as you are creative, then you will be responsible for choosing a domain name that will give a view on the content of your website, but the name remains linked to Availability in agency offers.

A domain name already used will not be assigned to another webmaster, so the main thing on which you need to be careful when purchasing a domain name and check availability  ,choose a name that will be more relevant to give a view on the content!

Obtaining a domain name through several stages, after it you will find the steps to follow to complete the purchase of a domain name:
purchase a domain name

First you must check the availability of the name you want, even it checks the extension (. Com,. Fr ...).
domain name

After you access to a list that shows the areas already used, even the reserved domain name, more than the domain names you can have.
domain name available
After that, a window opens, the objective of this window to specify the details of name we ordered, the price .....
make money online

Just after you pass a define whether we will pay for SEO or not, you have the same ability to specify if you need an SSL certificate or not.
domain name lookup

You have to connect that to validate the purchase, or create an account to login.

So after performing all of these tasks with success, you can say that you become the owner of a domain name, log in to your web space, and publish!

For more informations,you can see this book named "Domainer's Bible: A Beginner's Guide To Buying and Selling Domain Names ",it's very good!

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