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make money from home: punishment of google duplicate content: you believe it?!

Monday, September 3, 2012

punishment of google duplicate content: you believe it?!

punishment of google duplicate content: you believe it?!

The sandbox or "Google sandbox" is a kind of punishment made by Google on any website for a violation of any kinds, whose purpose is to limit the development of spam, this penalty can be applied to a week or a few days to several months, even he y'en those who say that there are websites that will never go out of sandbox.

Have an idea about duplicate content?

Duplicate content is a penalty imposed by Google and that most webmasters know very well.

The principle google insists on publishing unique content on each website tagged it, quite, Google will penalize duplicate content even when it comes to same site.

Do not forget that copy the contents of another site to put it on your website, it is serious, you will have at risk of having a final sanction sue on Google, even more, remember to add your url one Another time, he is also denied.

When Google finds that the content is almost the same at different sites, the older version will be displayed in the search engines and one additional page in the results, but the pages  plagiarized , they are completely gray and off index.

So what to do?

Using a unique content is the key and the indicator of legitimacy of your site, so you avoid the duplicate content  punishment , and more, avoid problems with webmasters for your copy of their blogs.

Sometimes, it is tolerable to copy a small paragraph and paste it to your site / blog, but you must put source of  of this extract!

Sandbox, blacklist, what is the difference between these two terms?

 Namely, it y is a big difference between a site sandboxed and another removed from all (blacklist), because the sites who are deleted  by the search engine,they will not be indexed,  to see if a site is deleted from the index of a search engine, just type "site: http:// site" in case there results, so it is still indexed, else eliminated, by against websites that have a  punishment , it will be indexed by Google, but difficult to have good positions, why there are ways that give an idea if a site is penalized or not, of these tools can quote / en / tool -google-sandbox.

Be unique, if you follow these tips, I guarantee you quick indexing of your website.

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