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Friday, September 14, 2012

The new marketing!

The new marketing!

The world is changing, trends are accelerating in recent years due to the global crisis: marketing today is already tomorrow's. We need to revisit our practices!

Gives a new marketing moves and for long. We observe mainly in several areas:

Generational segmentation, segmentation related to the stages of life and the concept of consumer insights, or moment of truth for customers are the main areas of new and client targeting. It is in the area of ​​consumer models that break is the strongest and the fastest. But the B to B marketing are also confronted with this phenomenon, including the impact of sustainable development on the habits and values ​​that are associated with infant.

The crisis has exacerbated the decline in brand behavior, additional services but ultimately unhelpful to customers vis-à-vis the ambitious promises. There are three types of attitudes: retreat to cheaper brands for essential products, deferred adjudication or purchase budget for others. Brands and companies adapt and rebalance their investment budgets and communication to "stick" to the fairest market.

Storytelling in the development of the brand has made its way. Web access to information and its rapid spread and internationally that the rumor can quickly hurt if the discourse of the brand is more "real".
Invasion of the Web and new technologies.

We are at the dawn of digital marketing and its potential. Brands and companies who take the path now create the foundation for tomorrow.

The increased influence of customers or consumers about product creation or the creation of communication bring brands to develop new attitudes and new product development process.

This is an opportunity to develop a more open marketing trends on market trends and behaviors. This is an opportunity to rethink its practices to be creative while remaining pragmatic, find new sources of value creation for both our customers and our business.

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