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make money from home: Do you know how to make link exchange?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do you know how to make link exchange?

Do you know how to make link exchange?

From the moment when you finish  your site / blog with a specialty completely , you automatically think of tools that can be deployed to increase traffic to your website, for that,you can use several techniques to meet this need.

The increased web traffic can take several paths, eg registration on search engines, directories etc. .. on, all with the aim to achieve is to increase the number of links that point to your website Web even for hard links to create value for it it y another simple aimed at the same goal, talking in particular request link exchange with other websites .

As we have come to say, the tool link request is very simple, so that it suffices to identify all websites with the best positions on the search engines, then make a request link exchange to do so, just type in succession a number of keywords and identify websites well placed in the search engines.

there are several books that explain the link exchange tools, "the weakest link" is one of them.

 However, several caution that must be taken into account by requesting a link exchange, the exchange must offer a site with the same field of activity than yours, because it is bad to have a domain such as insurance and request a link exchange with another that talks about bodybuilding, you just might have a punishment that will face before the main goal of every webmaster: get more web traffic!

But despite the simplicity of tool exchange links, the rate of success was having ties remains low (no more than 30% in most cases) because it is mainly linked with the pargrank, even of TrustRank of website, which generates difficulties to pass a free link exchange.

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