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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earn money with Adsense!

Earn money with Adsense!

Can you make a living with adsense? Here's a question raised by lot of webmasters around the world: in poor countries as in rich countries. Yes, the Internet has democratized the accumulation of wealth. So back to our dilemma: How does a webmaster ordinary (or a curious visitor) can he earn a good living using the famous program google adsense?

I've asked this question many times and here is what I found: This is possible if you put some serious work!

Remains to know the recipe to make enough money with google adsense. No magic. You just have to set up a detailed plan for achieving your goals. I've followed the traces on the internet of those who earn small fortunes using adsense. (There are those who have become millionaires through adsense). One that caught my attention is Joel Comm, he announces that he earns more than $ 10,000 per month adsense. I read the English version of his ebook "What Google never told you about making money with adsense" and I'll give you an honest review of this book.

In genaral, the ideas discussed in this book can be found on the forums discussing the secrets adsense. This is the system used by most webmasters with some experience in internet marketing. In other words you will find:

How to choose keywords highly sought after on the internet.
How to create a website optimized for search engines
All solutions to generate unique content rich in keywords
How to get quality backlinks to your website and increase its position and have qualified visitors

The most important point in my opinion is: how to choose the size, color and placement of your adsense Adverts and how to get sponsorship and google search form to maximize your adsense income.

Joel Comm in this book also gives examples of its sites with a screenshot. Frankly, applying its secrets, I saw my adsense income increased . But this result has required more work and testing. The bottom line is that I learned the secrets that I will share with you.

The Best Damn Google Adsense Book Color Edition is still a very good book that explains the tricks to improve the income on google adsence.

Here's my recipe to increase your adsense income and maybe win your life with this famous program of the first search engine in the world:

1 - Choose a good niche market. By profitable I mean a market where many advertisers and pay dearly for their ads in google adwords.

2 - Isolate keywords related to this market. Preference of at least five keywords.

3 - Create a website (create a blog would be better) optimized for search engines. By optimized I mean the main keyword placed in the title and description of your website or your blog, the secondary keywords should be placed in the title of your content.

4 - write unique content (informative articles) placing your keywords in the body text. Write these articles yourself or ask someone to write them, you can order items on the web for a ridiculous price.

5 - Get as many backlinks (links pointing to your site) as possible. This can be done by: participating in the forums, submit your site or blog to specialized directories, writing quality articles, leaving comments on blogs with high traffic. Another method is to submit your articles to article directories and add your signature at the bottom of each article.

6 - Optimize your adsense income. good practices:
- The formats that provide more clicks are: large rectangle and Skryper wide.
- The color and background of your ads should take them to your site.
- The ads at the beginning and in the middle of your articles give a good result.

This is the system I use to double my adsense earnings.

But only one site is not enough to make a living with adsense? You tell me ...!

If you have chosen a highly profitable and working on SEO, you can far exceed your expectations. If instead you choose a limited market, you should be therefore creating other sites and other blogs.

Earn a living with adsense can not be improvised. The recipe is in your hands, get to work and you may one day thank your boss.


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