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make money from home: What is a website?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What is a website?

What is a website?

Be aware of exact meaning of a website is the most important thing is to know to start work at home, someone who has no knowledge of this area is probably living in another world sue the our.

What is a website?

A website is a rich platform of information that are carefully located in pages and links, these pages must be linked it to generate the final status of a website whose goal is to get ay publish everywhere on the internet, even to get a generate a rate of profit each user  who gave a particular research in any field.

But to achieve this major goal  (publishing and sharing information) it is necessary to follow a process of successive steps, even have an extensive background in the field of web, because being able to master the software to create a website rather will help us make it friendly , which reinforces the hidden purpose behind the act of creating a site.

two types of sites that you should know:

       1-Static website:

           The content remains the same forever, no change from a user is allowed, ie only the site administrator has the right, but is necessary that the principle of sharing and publication of information remains pushy.

    2- dynamic website:

         It is diametrically opposed to the principle of the one quoted above, but some informations  can be changed by the user, it can add data even after the show, these dynamic pages are generated the request to query the data stored at the database.

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