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make money from home: How to find the idea of ​​a blog?!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to find the idea of ​​a blog?!

How to find the idea of ​​a blog?!

Whether to create a blog, many people have any diffculty to find the idea the most accurate, for me, I think this step is easy. I propose a method to both find an idea, make sure it is in connection with one of your passions (so that you're motivated) and whether there is a potential market niche for this idea.

      1-Identify your passions:

Take a sheet of paper, write up "My passions" ... and write your passions. Turn 10. The first 3 or 4 come easily, and then it will be more difficult. Do not stop until you do not have 10.

The interest from your passions is writing a blog takes a lot of effort and energy for very little financial results for a long time ... at first. Allow at least a year minimum for an article a week before starting to receive amounts that are more than pocket money (it is quite possible to make a lot quickly, but make no mistake, this is extremely rare). Believe me, if you're not passionate about what you write before six months you dropped when you see you earn any dollars per month with Adsense ... Even being passionate, it will be a challenge for you ask for it the rigor and perseverance ... while we all tend to procrastinate!

So blogging on a topic related to one of your passions.

    2-choose a topic for your blog

Once you have your 10 passions, you will choose 2 or 3 that might make a good blog topic. You can either take your passion as it is the main subject of your blog (skiing, for example), or choose a theme around this passion (my challenge to become Olympic skier, for example). Here is a list of clues that may indicate that you have a good blog topic:

There are many people who share your passion.

There are forums frequented on the subject.

There are many beginners who start each year in this passion and who need answers to their problems.
You have the necessary expertise in this passion for questions and problems of a large proportion of the population that shares this passion.

It is a passion in which a certain proportion of the population spends a lot of money.
Traffic figures from Google Keyword Tool on the main keywords related to your passion show a significant potential traffic.
It is marked by a passion burning events, regular or not, which drain a lot of attention.
It is a passion on which dozens and dozens of articles, podcasts and videos can be made.
It is a passion that you have facilities to interview experts (if this is not the case, do not worry, it will come with the success of your blog., But it is a more departure).

     3-Let's go!

Even if you find a blog topic that matches all the criteria above, the success is not 100% guaranteed. The ideal is to start 2 or 3 blogs from 2 or 3 passions that match the criteria over and over which you have a good feeling. Write ideally one article per week for 6 months to 2 or 3 of these blogs, and at the end of these six months, focus on the blog that works best.

Above all, do not opt ​​for a free hosting like Blogger or Free: opt for dedicated hosting with a domain name good to you, it does not cost anything today, and I guarantee you that at least the advertising Adsense will pay for accommodation, if you write one article a week.

The personal hosting OVH is a great pack to start, including hosting and domain name for less than 29 $ per year. Once you have your hosting and your domain name, install WordPress as a blogging platform, and nothing else. WordPress is a platform stable, secure, efficient, friendly and used by millions of people, which is further enriched by thousands of plugins and themes (skins graphics) free. Choose any other platform would expose you to problems at one time or another.



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