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make money from home: Copywriting advantages:do you know it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Copywriting advantages:do you know it!

Copywriting advantages:do you know it!

Copyriwting is the ability to generate  valuable content to attract more users worldwide, it is the art of writing words to persuade people to buy a product or service, or dispose of a certain cause.

Copywriting is the mode of use of words,offers. Words are for everyone, dictionaries are filled, but the arrangement of words into an act of suggestion and persuasion is a skill that can be learned.

There is some advantages of copywriting:

     1-Be Independent:

Longer need to be in the office on time every morning. More order to receive unpatron. You go on the weekend when you want, wherever you want. Want a raise? In  few time you will find the way to win much more because it is YOU who made ​​your salary.

Earn more, much more:

Define what you want to win, there are no limits. 100,000 per year? 500,000? 1 million? More? It is possible, others do, why do not you? Any contractor who you bring in turnover and profits will be pleased to leave some of his cake - because without you, all this will disappear.

      2-Be Free:

To perform most trades, it takes office hours, place of work, expensive equipment.

A copywriter does not even need a computer - even though most have a laptop. It only takes a notebook and a pen...

With paper and pen, the copywriter writes words that relate more than if allowed to write checks for 100 euros all day.

      3-Put you in contact with the best minds:

By becoming a copywriter, you connect with some of the brightest minds in the world.


  1. I'm 14 (year10) and am studying history, French, Art, IT. maths, eng, sci etc. I'm really interested in advertising and love English so I figured copywriting would be a good job that Be good at and I think I would thoroughly enjoy.

    So any tips on how I can gain experience in this field and what I can do to be successful would be a great help. Also, what steps should I take; A-Levels, degree, enrichment, groups/clubs to give me any advantages. Also, what's the salary like?
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