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make money from home: Website optimization:How we can Optimizing a website?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Website optimization:How we can Optimizing a website?

Website optimization:How we can Optimizing a website?

Generate income on the internet, it is the dream of many people in the world, a lot of people who have made fortunes on the internet, and many others who say that have happened to have additional income at home on the internet.

Really ,do you want to succeed? No doubt you spent hours and hours of research into techniques for improving and optimizing your website or blog, a website well optimized and well referenced probably generates a lot of traffic and therefore more sales impliciement.

But did you ever ask the question, what are the tools for optimizing a site internet?, And how can we apply it?

Optimizing a website generally is one of the most important task for the best positions on the web, because the principle is that the more a site is well optimized, the more it is better positioned to engines research, anyway, to optimize a site is to facilitate the search engines read content, because when optimized, we try to guide the search to the exact content of our pages.

During the research I've done personally at optimizing my sites, I found tons of informations that are very useful, "website optimization" is a book that I spent hours and hours extract and understand its contents, really the informations I've found are perfect.

Are different triks namely to better optimize a website:

   1-optimization format of  your website or blog.
   2-Choice blog theme, even the color to choose  to give a good impression to visitors.
   3-Facilitation subscriptions, eg the integration of an RSS feed, just to gain faithful customers.
   4-Avoid the maximum possible errors orthorgaphe.
   5-care over the presentation of items to facilitate the reading / comprehension
   6 - Title:
In this part must be located between the two tags and <Title> </ Title>, we must give a title that summarizes the possible content of any page, even keep it one of the words key target for research.
   7 - meta:
tag these are often used by search engines, because of their importance, since these are the elements that describe the content of a web page in detail, for this reason and for a good SEO, you must specify meta tags for each page.
The meta tag the most important are:

      - <meta Name="description" content="Description">
        This tag allows to accurately describe the content of the page is a simple summary.

     - <meta Name="keywords" "content="keyword">
        This tag is used to specify the search keyword.
     - <meta Name="robots" content="option">
      This tag allows the indexing of pages by search engines.

So what are you waiting, start now your site optimization , have a  job at home with good terms is necessarily based on optimization, optimization shapely indicates  that your  site  will have good position on the search engines in a short time.

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