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Monday, September 10, 2012

Project planning website: Do you know what is it?

Project planning website: Do you know what is it? 

sometimes you are in the case of a project of a website, or a more accurate realize the project of a website ,whose aim is to achieve a meet any need, but define the thing for the moment is that we are not talking about creating websites in general, so that in the moment we are talking about  project of creation, that requires the existence of a number of obstacles and problems in more level, you need creating a lead to solve them, and as for this first milestone, you must define the purpose of your website, rather than the requirements of your project.

Taking the example of a school or a university that has hundreds of students, and each student has the right to consult his absences, his notes, medium etc., it will probably cause a lot of problems in service responsible.

It is essential to have a lot of personnel and equipment to satisfy all demands, on this level it said that this is a problem, then the solution of creating a website with specific areas for each student seems very appropriate, since instead of visiting the service as soon as he has a yen ambiguity, just go surf the web and connect to the account.

So the level of achievement of project website, there are several steps to follow to succeed, these steps are summarized below:

  1 - Definition of user needs.
  2 - Writing a precise set of specifications that all relevant solutions,
  3-even define alternatives to use when needed.
  4 - Planning spots (if team).
  5 - Implementation of pilot project following the stains.
  6 - Test results (running application, efficiency ..).
  7 - Commissioning.


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