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make money from home: 5 steps for a profitable blog

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5 steps for a profitable blog

It is easier to create and monetize a blog.
Indeed, it seems that everyone is trying to earn money from home using the power of the Internet.

It is quite legitimate, I'm part of that crowd.

I tested for 3 years and several offers many opportunities and I would like to share with you what works and what does not. (At least in my case)
I'm not a 'Guru' just a regular home like you who constantly learns and applies what he learns.

In fact, you will not find a magic solution.

Below are the key points on which you need to concentrate on profitable or monetize their blog:

1 - find and select a niche: what do you offer? If you do not have a product you can sell a service, if you do not service, sell the service of another, affiliate marketing could be a solution for you to start slowly if you have not your own product or service, this is the solution I use.

2 - Create your blog, if you know nothing about creating a blog, ask someone to do it for you.
Pouratant, you can create your blog without knowledge or programming or HTML. Better yet you can create a blog totally free.

3 - Develop a marketing strategy to promote your blog (that would be your real job). You must bring qualified visitors and real prospects to your blog.

You need to learn internet marketing strategies if you want to survive on the net. Simple and practical. I hear the "gurus".

4 - Diversifying means of monetization. This is the most important, a multitude of income or diversify your resources more accurately, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Sell ​​a product or service; install Google adsense ads on your blog to passive income, set up your database prospects or customers or offer Amazon books on your site in relation to the theme of your business. These are examples to diversify your income.

5 - You have to read anything that might help you develop your blog (free articles, courses, ebooks, forums ...)


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