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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Submit your site to directories for a good SEO:

Before submitting your website to directories specialist must develop a strategy to carry out your mission and reap the results.

If you manage this task, the positioning of your website on major search engines, go in the right direction.
But beware, the criteria for positioning a website are not the same in all three search engines of the site (ie: Google, Yahoo, MSN).

Google, for example, takes into account several criteria to give greater value to a backlink.

Among these criteria:

The Page Rank of the backlink, the IP address of the backlink, backlinks The main theme in question Backlinks that point to the site in question ...

That said, here are some good suggestions to follow before submitting your site to directories or blog:

• Reserve a specific email address for this task, not to overwhelm your inbox with hundreds of confirmation emails.

• Pay attention to page rank directories in question: for best results, choose directories with a Page Rank of 4 (10) or more.

• Choose carefully the category or subcategory to properly place your website.

• Some directories ask you to put on your site to link exchange if the directory has a Page Rank of 5 or less, no problem. Where appropriate, it is not recommended.

Well, these tactics can only improve the positioning of your website.


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