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make money from home: Referencing a website: Role of the directory for good positions

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Referencing a website: Role of the directory for good positions

Would you like to improve the promotion of your website?,
Would you plant hard links to your website pages with high traffic and page rank that exceeds 4?
Like - you optimize your website for the search engines without spending a dime?

Good news! This is possible if you operate strictly potential directories.

yes, directories allow you to bring a flood of free traffic to your website double blow.

That is to say, the visitors who come by searching through the directory on the one hand, and on the other visitors who come through search engines. Because directories increase your Page Rank and therefore your ranking in the search engines

Before submitting your website or blog to directories, you need to check this:

* Your site must be rich in content: humans often visit your site before accepting or not in the directory.

* Internal links on your site must be valid.

* You must choose the appropriate section to your website to bring qualified visitors, not tourists.

* Some directories require you to put a link back. If the Page Rank of the directory equal to or greater than 4, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In fact, promoting your website is significantly improved through submitting to directories.

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