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make money from home: How to sell products, information and valuable advice on a commercial site?

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to sell products, information and valuable advice on a commercial site?

Many bloggers think they are bad sellers. This idea leads them to believe they can not live off the sale of a product or affiliation.

Result? They continue to gain crumbs limited to banners.

One thing which they do not think: Many traders are poor sellers. Yet they managed to unite a large and loyal customer.

Why? Because they build relationships with their customers. Or because they are seen as experts. The good news is that you can obviously do the same thing.

The more information you share with your readers value, the more you will seen as an expert, the more they will trust you.

If you sell computer accessories, instead of limiting you to an online store, you can make your website an encyclopedia: it is to publish guides to help your readers to choose their PCs, comparative tests, articles on such technology ...

The goal is to become a reference. Being seen as an expert, and not just as a seller. Your articles, your guides and your comparisons are not intended to lead directly to sales. Content creation is a long-term strategy.

If all your articles adopt a promotional tone that grows directly with the purchase, then you do not provide more information, you sell. The idea, however, is to give before you receive. To establish your site as a reference. Being perceived as an expert.

Many companies are afraid to do. They consider it a waste of time to write articles are not purely promotional. There must be a mistake.

In a store where a seller push you to buy with aggressive techniques, you spend maybe at checkout. But the next time you will buy, you will likely go elsewhere.

In contrast, when the seller is passionate about his subject, he shares his experience with you, advise you that an honest and sincere, he teaches you how their product works and how to choose a suitable model for your needs, you are not only satisfied, but you certainly come back. You talk of possibly around you

By posting valuable information about an online store, you're doing the same thing. And this is where the strength of a blog as a business tool.

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