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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Change of job: Ideas to have to succeed!

Job change now? You're serious, really?

Most executives expect the labor market is dynamic to go outside, but they do not realize that it was at this time that the competition is fierce. It is paradoxical but true: it is not that easy to reposition when the market is healthy.

Change job when the economy slows may even be saving for a career. When we see today the speed at which the staffs succeed in business, one can ask whether it is not more dangerous to stay warm.

So you want to change the heading to a new job?

Lead primarily a reflection on the "service offerings." the right question to ask is not: is it the right time? but rather, am I willing to do?
Few people are actually able to respond. To find out, take the question, make a "freeze frame" to determine its strengths and values. We will review it is so intuitive is more methodically, with the help of a consultant.
On this foundation, we can then build one or more career plans.

The real risk is to underestimate the importance of their future work environment. This is a big mistake. If you change the sector, it must at all costs keep the same scope of responsibility.

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