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make money from home: Create and monetize a blog: How to succeed??

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Create and monetize a blog: How to succeed??

If you have a blog, or you do create one, no doubt you want to know how a blog can it make you money. Your blog can be monetized in dozens of ways, depending on the industry or profession you are passionate about. For example, say you are a marketing consultant.

A blog will help you build your online reputation and bring you customers who find you through search engines: blogs get higher rankings very quickly, and it is easy to optimize a blog for large engines research.

A blog can also be clicked to start an online business: your blog can do a complete job better than your website, your online storefront.
You can even start a business in the field of blogging as a blog entrepreneur. However, in this article, we focus on five ways in which you can directly monetize your blog.

Method 1: sell products on your blog, your blog is the perfect medium for selling products, either physical products or digital products. If you have an online business - you sell flowers, cookies, or fashion - your blog can help you attract visitors, and you can sell them directly to your blog. You can also sell digital products. If you have written an ebook or have created an online course, a blog can help present the news of your product through the Internet and you will get buyers around the globe. If you have no product, you can create it.

Method 2: Sale of advertising space, if you have heard of Google Adsense, you have seen AdSense contextual ads on results pages of every search you made in Google. AdSense ads are small "sponsored links" that you can see on the right side of the search results page. Depending on the content of your blog, you can earn a regular income just by inserting the adsense ads. However, there are many other link texts as oxado example.

Method 3: Selling Affiliate Products. Many affiliate products are available for blogguers to put on their blog. There are a variety of affiliate networks you can join. The two best known are Commission Junction and metaffiliation.

Method 4: Ask your readers to sponsor your blog. If you provide valuable information, you can give your readers the option to sponsor your blog. The concept of "donation" is popular in circles Software: Many software developers asks users to sponsor their software. By inserting a link or button "Donation" that you can find at PayPal.

Method 5: Another way to monetize a blog is to approach companies to sponsor your blog. They pay you a fee, monthly or yearly.

So these are five methods that you can use to monetize your blog QUICKLY.

Blogging is growing so fast, you will find dozens of other ways when you enter the blogging process. Being passionate about blogging, you will find companies and people who are willing to help you make money from your passion.


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