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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why a blog?

Since the invention of the World Wide Web, people had surfed the Internet, finding useful websites, informative, hilarious, bizarre, disturbing or entertainment. When you find one of these websites and it strikes a chord with you, you tell your friends, they tell their friends who send out as qu'email to inboxes around the world and suddenly, everyone knows the 'funny story about the king, Donkey and Princess covered in mud. Or anything like that.

This is the concept behind a blog. At least it does not go through all these steps. You can have a page that you write, to include links to ratings in funny anecdotes, information, photos and video. Everyone you know and thousands (or even millions) you do not know can get the `hooked 'on your sense of humor or pathos and sign your blog daily to see what happens next. The history of blogs Blogging has experienced a surge forward and is a full-on traditional trend now. Some of the most well known blogs attract web traffic that even large corporate owners web site e-commerce envy.

Weblogs contain links to interesting websites or numbers and are strongly polarized by the personality of the individual who is blogging. Blogs can include advanced web design or be a single page of plain text. The popularity of this format of communication is due to the variety of personalities and blogs out there in cyber space, attracting like-minded people to seize every existence. Jorn Barger, owner of robot wisdom weblog is credited with inventing the weblog `limit 'in December 1997. The shortened form is called by Travis Petler, which separated the weblog 'into U.S. BLOG as humorous reference in a sidebar on your own blog. These, by now ancient limits of the Internet, early weblogs were included elements not much more than manually update popular websites. With browser-based softwares now technically simplified and dedicated hosting services blog spread all over the internet, even those less-than-savvy, non-techies out there can produce and edit a blog. Blog software such as Movable Type, WordPress or LiveJournal on can be used to run a blog. The practical use of blogging has not been fully explored because it is a new medium for communication.

Common uses of blogging include communication, self-expression and storytelling. The typical use of blogging as a personal device for self-edit Makes sense since it was the goal at the beginning of the weblog. The device of the blog grows beyond the personal and corporate to customer service and sharing and knowledge management. The blog is also an emerging platform for education by blogging about the study and the community. The future of blogging is unlimited, it gives the reader a personal connection to the blogger and is easily accessible. Blogging is already used for tracking interactive journalism, marketing and self-experience. It is possible to use blogging to be adopted by more industries as the media form becomes even more within the scope of public knowledge. There are opportunities for blogging in the government, for example campaign and social reform. The possibilities extend to health with a online means doctors, nurses or caregivers to be more extensive contact with patients to assist in patient care.

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