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make money from home: Referencing: Secrets to a good position in the search engines

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Referencing: Secrets to a good position in the search engines

Would you ahead of your competitors on Google and yahoo? Would you put your first offer on Google and yahoo?
The recipe is simple, but it requires to follow steps that have proven successful data. At least in my case.

In fact, I managed to put some of my blogs # 1 of Google and Yahoo, to sites with a Pagerank very interesting, yes to sites that have probably spent a small fortune in the process of SEO.

Is the most fun I planted my blogs among the top without spending a single sub. Neither creation nor in promoting or referencing.

You want to be "Number One" on Google, Yahoo and MSN?

Here is the secret solution: You must create your own blog!
You are spared to live without blog.

Creating a blog is now a breeze.
Why create a blog:
For these simple reasons:
- Easy, fast and even with free services such as,, myspaces ...

- The management is extremely simplified. This is the 'Push button publishing'.
- The function you create interactive credibility but also proximity.
- Search engines love blogs and love. These engines 'devour' the content of blogs.
- The advent of search engines that specialize in blogs, do not she said a few things?!
- This is the most ideal way to 'educate' your customers and prospects.

That said, here's my recipe has not yet revealed 7 secrets to make a blog # 1 of Google and Yahoo:

1 - Unique content optimized yahoo recently joined Google in indexing strategy unique content quickly. This is the war of unique content that is required. The more you write original posts you make more visitors to your blog, but more importantly, you will get a better rating from the search engines.

Means optimized content, content rich in keywords related to your niche market, and also a content rich links (internal and external). In other words, links that point to your internal pages and course credits to pages outside your blog but in relation to the theme of your blog.

2 - Blog & Ping: Write your blog on a regular basis, 2 or 3 times a week is a good practice. If you can hire a writer for your blog: writing a message per day you will explode your traffic, and you will force the search engines to index your content before others.

Ping means the only specialized directories inform the recent update your blog. You can use free services like or

3 - Submit your blog to directories: directories blogs, RSS directories and directory sites. Avoid automatic submissions. If you submit your blog to directories 5 per day (20 minutes work), after a month you will have 150 directories that link to your blog. It's good for your SEO internet, it's good to get more back links.

My advice: choose the directories that have a Page Rank of 4 and more.

4 - Write articles for article directories: yes, write articles and submit them to free content directories (as contenulibre, content-free ...) is the best way to create a good reputation net and get backlinks.

Hold! One of the articles I have written has been played by more than 45 webmasters, so they are 45 websites that link to my blog. For only one item.

5 - Discussion forums: The friendly place or being discussed our problems and experiences. The discussion forums are a gold mine for free promotion and referencing your site or blog on the Internet. Often, these places include professionals but also novices.

Add your signature at the end of each contribution, but we must respect the rules of each forum.

6 - Comments on other blogs: While Google is rarely support links from comments (Especially for these blogs adding the tag 'no follow' their comments), but Yahoo and Msn treat these links as backlinks ordinary even with the tag 'No follow'.

7 - Social Bookmarking and Tagging: Without going into details, they are simply votes for your blogs posts. You can use a free service like to create your tags and links to Social Bookmarking to add at the end of each post.

Once your readers like what you write, they will Tagger or Bookmark your posts on engines and specialized directories. This increases your traffic and your positioning on the major search engines.

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