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make money from home: Take advantage of the great search engines:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Take advantage of the great search engines:

Do you use search engines? Do you know how to get the gargantuan traffic they can bring you?

Do you draw new customers, do it automatically and completely free!?

1 - The market power of search engines
I guess you aware of what is at stake for you to obtain
first positions in the search engine to internet buzz.

In case this is not yet the case, I invite you to experience immediately using one of my favorite tools, Overture, to the following address:

It gives you the number of requests monthly for any keyword in the group of motors French Overture.

My personal statistics tell me that Google still gets 3 times more!

Here are some examples of interesting results:

Google Overture (estimate)

1-buy house 19754 59962
2-buy car 23098 69294
3-video game 288336 865008

In total, more than 1 million hits per month on video game! That's 38,000 visitors per day!

Imagine that you sell these products and imagine your site so first on these keywords ...

Do you have an idea of ​​the money you could generate?

2 - Collect at Foison Traffic Engines!
Traffic from search engines is free. To qualify, you must certainly have a site, but it is also that it is placed in the top positions for a list of well-chosen keywords.

to take the first places in the engines, here's what to do:

- Engines must record the existence of your site;
- It should make your site "sexy" in the eyes of engines;
- And you must show (or make believe ..) engines that your site is a resource of high reputation.

You should also know that the more you covet keywords with high traffic, the more you will face strong competition.

But the good side of it is that because of the purely IT positions in the search results, you play game totally equal with all the major players in your area!

The art of success to be placed in the top positions, or more generally, to collect targeted traffic in the search engines is called the REFERENCING.

It is a science that is both simple and complex, inaccurate in its predictions but very accurate in his observations. This is an experimental science totally made slow and tedious learning by trial and error and careful observations results in engines.

Algorithms latter being closely guarded trade secret, nobody knows exactly what to do ...

But there are some big constants that influence the position so clearly that their implementation provides a systematic increase in traffic and sometimes also obtaining top positions.

Those who can influence these positions (and even those who claim to know how to do ...) are good bundles of money by selling their services to companies well aware of the benefits they have learned.


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