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make money from home: November 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Investments to know to succeed in his work at home!

You know what an investment. The investment is an investment in order to obtain dividends. There are two types of investment: Financial and Personnel.

The investment can be in order to increase production capacity. But also strategic for the development of your business.

The term "business" is well suited to what you want to do, because it is a real business you need to put in place and not just a job at home. Whether your goal is to obtain additional income to supplement your monthly or work full time.

So you need to invest early to start your business and work at home, to save time, to get visitors. But also to purchase equipment and tools. Then when you start raked in profits, you must reinvest some of the money so hard won.

To sustain your business, you will have to reinvest to increase the number of products you sell, for example, or to have a better quality accommodation.

But above all you will reinvest for more visitors and especially for their loyalty.
The investment staff.

       -What price are you willing to pay for success.
       -How long are you willing to devote to your business to succeed.
       -What are you willing to separate you to succeed.
       -What sacrifices are you willing to do.

You must answer these questions before you start a business or work at home. Do not forget that your project is a long term project. If you want to succeed, you must be prepared for a personal investment. You must prepare to run a marathon and not a sprint.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Direct Marketing: You believe that?!

No doubt you often receive offers through the postal mailing. This is what we call the mail.
And most of the time you throw in the trash this mailing.

But anyone who uses the Internet as a Marketing business part time or full time should pay attention before others.

It is a good practice to study and contemplate the material that you receive, and in some cases classified in a folder that you can use later.

Because Internet marketing today actually and when it is properly exercised, is an expansion of the old form of direct marketing.

These sales letters that you receive in your mailbox are not sent by chance, they are not sent to anyone in your country or region.

In contrast, direct marketing professionals carefully select their mailing lists. These lists could be those buyers of a particular product or people who have expressed an interest through surveys, subscribers of magazines, people who live in a certain postal code and so on.

Moral of all this is that direct marketing pros accurately select their market and audience to propose their offer.

And a certain percentage of the audience will accept the offer above.
Direct marketing pros are trying to refine the response rate testing: the sales letter, the prices, terms, colors and other variables.

Internet marketing is the same. The key is that marketers identify a group of people who have a passion or interest.
Find out what they want and sell your products or services, it is what made the classic mail marketers.

Internet technology has made it even easier and more affordable pus, you can broadcast your message to an international audience for a small price compared to the postal mailing.

Your prospects are online, surfing, reading and of course looking buy 24/24 non stop.

Internet and even creates new markets. First products information come easily granted and even no cost.

In fact, the most important benefit Internet marketers offer is the speed with which they can launch companions, test, revise and test again. Until a maximum response.

Websites can be created easily through the payment per click search engines, you can bring visitors to any site within minutes.

Software allows for instant tracking of clicks through a site, the time spent on each page and dozens of other factors.

Software allows any site editor to boost its prospects (through auto responders) and can create a marketing relationship with prospects through emails.

This Internet is a limitless to create a direct relationship with an audience abroad, and for a negligible cost in comparison with direct marketing via mail.

Work on the Internet: A well kept secret that you need to find!

There is a secret on the internet, well guarded by many. This secret allows for less than 10 euros per month, to buy hundreds or thousands of hits.

No spam Effortlessly In most perfectly legal
What is this secret?

Give me a minute and I'll explain.

Every day, people do not renew their domain name (site name)

There are 41 million registered domain names. 25 million have already been 200,000 abandonnés.1 one million domain names will be dropped in the coming days.

The owners of these sites or the names of particular interests center change, lack of money, die, have family problems or health ... they give something of value, great value.

Does that mean that people will stop trying to access these sites?

What will happen to this traffic?

Could it not be a source of income?

The millions of visitors who can not find a site are an incredible opportunity!

Just buy a domain name recently expired and that traffic to redirect traffic to your site.

Remains a problem: how to be aware of?

Click here:

or here:

Site offers to buy existing sites, it is less financially attractive but it may be worth:

The trick is then to SELL trafficking organizations advertising like Google Adsense!

I hope that this will contribute to your success .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work at home: how to organize for success?

Install a home business requires a minimum of organization lest your family or your work suffer.
Whether layout, planning, children, here are some practical tips to transform your home into an office.

Separate harmoniously work and private life, this is a board that comes first. Yet it is one of the difficulties to manage when moved from home to work. Everyone has their own trick to establish the natural barrier between office and home.

A-Separate private space and professional space:

Differentiate professional office and local life is no problem when you have a 100m ², but the challenge is when you live in a two bedroom, if this is your case: two possible options.

Install your desk in your room or in your living room. Everything depends on your vision. Or spend your evenings with your office under your eyes after work you do not mind, or vice versa sleep in your workpiece does not prevent you from sleeping. The important thing is to feel comfortable.

To adjust the size of each of his office according to his possibilities.
B-Prepare schedules of tasks:

When working at home, it is designed to accept jobs to make before yesterday! Caught in the fear of being out of work, the contractor seeks to satisfy the customer, before even thinking about his private life. But it may quickly get overwhelmed, and then farewell evening with your family, this is certainly the most rigorous application.

It is therefore essential to always explore, even overwhelmed by orders, not knowing slack periods, or having to accept work at the last minute.
Good planning will allow you to allocate more harmonious life and private life, and to avoid infringing on your schedule too private, even if it is sometimes necessary.

C-Respect your agenda with vigor:
For this purpose, set your goals by week, month and year. You must establish a calendar or a record of strategies and means to get there.

Your life will probably be full of emotion and farewell routine and stress.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Create and monetize a blog: How to succeed??

If you have a blog, or you do create one, no doubt you want to know how a blog can it make you money. Your blog can be monetized in dozens of ways, depending on the industry or profession you are passionate about. For example, say you are a marketing consultant.

A blog will help you build your online reputation and bring you customers who find you through search engines: blogs get higher rankings very quickly, and it is easy to optimize a blog for large engines research.

A blog can also be clicked to start an online business: your blog can do a complete job better than your website, your online storefront.
You can even start a business in the field of blogging as a blog entrepreneur. However, in this article, we focus on five ways in which you can directly monetize your blog.

Method 1: sell products on your blog, your blog is the perfect medium for selling products, either physical products or digital products. If you have an online business - you sell flowers, cookies, or fashion - your blog can help you attract visitors, and you can sell them directly to your blog. You can also sell digital products. If you have written an ebook or have created an online course, a blog can help present the news of your product through the Internet and you will get buyers around the globe. If you have no product, you can create it.

Method 2: Sale of advertising space, if you have heard of Google Adsense, you have seen AdSense contextual ads on results pages of every search you made in Google. AdSense ads are small "sponsored links" that you can see on the right side of the search results page. Depending on the content of your blog, you can earn a regular income just by inserting the adsense ads. However, there are many other link texts as oxado example.

Method 3: Selling Affiliate Products. Many affiliate products are available for blogguers to put on their blog. There are a variety of affiliate networks you can join. The two best known are Commission Junction and metaffiliation.

Method 4: Ask your readers to sponsor your blog. If you provide valuable information, you can give your readers the option to sponsor your blog. The concept of "donation" is popular in circles Software: Many software developers asks users to sponsor their software. By inserting a link or button "Donation" that you can find at PayPal.

Method 5: Another way to monetize a blog is to approach companies to sponsor your blog. They pay you a fee, monthly or yearly.

So these are five methods that you can use to monetize your blog QUICKLY.

Blogging is growing so fast, you will find dozens of other ways when you enter the blogging process. Being passionate about blogging, you will find companies and people who are willing to help you make money from your passion.

Good plan to have a good work from home:

It's true, you have a strong desire to work from home. But can not work anything: you do not succeed we know the market in which you want to start. Especially since many pitfalls will now learning techniques and offers homework.

Finding the right idea at the right time, corresponding to a real and profitable market, operated or not, is probably the most difficult step. Only then will the formalities, which they also have a number of rules to be able to move safely.

You probably, today, want to run "" This is good, but you are putting the cart before the horse. Before all this, you must ensure that your project work at home is viable.

It is only what we know, this adage is certainly common sense: this is normal, anything related to work at home should be based on common sense and reflection.

In this context, two situations are available:

1 - No knowledge of the area in which you have a business idea at home? This is unfortunate, the first step is to inform you through:
- The collection of as much information on the subject or market.
- Learn more, why not!
- Or you approach an expert whose knowledge of the sector outweigh yours. Do you run that knowingly and learn up on all the points that have gaps.

2 - You have knowledge of the sector in which you run: really?
Know your industry, in the spirit of a homeworker, is often to have been employed in the industry. It is important at the technical level, of course, it is not enough to set up his own working from home. You will not get far if you know nothing technician in commercial-business if you do not know the management, and so on ....

But it seems that at this stage, you have already started one or more training even if it is a self-study at home. The question is: work from home and earn a living on the Internet in 2008 is now at your fingertips.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Work on the internet: how to avoid the recession?

If you listen to the radio, read newspapers, watch TV, there is something depressing.

nothing goes the international financial system is on the verge of bankruptcy, the recession we face, companies reduce their staff, profits are down, everything goes up.

You believe that, do you?

I do not.

My turnover flew a little more each month, around me I see brilliant successes on the internet and I was offered a lucrative business every day.

Who is right? Those who see everything in black or those who are optimistic?


Those who see everything in black will be in trouble, big trouble. They will lose their job, their so-called "security", see their savings melt, losing their homes, living the worst of nightmares.

during this time, others are glass safely, save money or even ... fortune.

As usual, the misfortune of some ... will make the happiness of others.

Whose side will you be?

In the losers?

In one of the winners?

Think well ... Any difficult period is an opportunity for those who think differently than the masses of people.

Take advantage of the great search engines:

Do you use search engines? Do you know how to get the gargantuan traffic they can bring you?

Do you draw new customers, do it automatically and completely free!?

1 - The market power of search engines
I guess you aware of what is at stake for you to obtain
first positions in the search engine to internet buzz.

In case this is not yet the case, I invite you to experience immediately using one of my favorite tools, Overture, to the following address:

It gives you the number of requests monthly for any keyword in the group of motors French Overture.

My personal statistics tell me that Google still gets 3 times more!

Here are some examples of interesting results:

Google Overture (estimate)

1-buy house 19754 59962
2-buy car 23098 69294
3-video game 288336 865008

In total, more than 1 million hits per month on video game! That's 38,000 visitors per day!

Imagine that you sell these products and imagine your site so first on these keywords ...

Do you have an idea of ​​the money you could generate?

2 - Collect at Foison Traffic Engines!
Traffic from search engines is free. To qualify, you must certainly have a site, but it is also that it is placed in the top positions for a list of well-chosen keywords.

to take the first places in the engines, here's what to do:

- Engines must record the existence of your site;
- It should make your site "sexy" in the eyes of engines;
- And you must show (or make believe ..) engines that your site is a resource of high reputation.

You should also know that the more you covet keywords with high traffic, the more you will face strong competition.

But the good side of it is that because of the purely IT positions in the search results, you play game totally equal with all the major players in your area!

The art of success to be placed in the top positions, or more generally, to collect targeted traffic in the search engines is called the REFERENCING.

It is a science that is both simple and complex, inaccurate in its predictions but very accurate in his observations. This is an experimental science totally made slow and tedious learning by trial and error and careful observations results in engines.

Algorithms latter being closely guarded trade secret, nobody knows exactly what to do ...

But there are some big constants that influence the position so clearly that their implementation provides a systematic increase in traffic and sometimes also obtaining top positions.

Those who can influence these positions (and even those who claim to know how to do ...) are good bundles of money by selling their services to companies well aware of the benefits they have learned.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Referencing: Secrets to a good position in the search engines

Would you ahead of your competitors on Google and yahoo? Would you put your first offer on Google and yahoo?
The recipe is simple, but it requires to follow steps that have proven successful data. At least in my case.

In fact, I managed to put some of my blogs # 1 of Google and Yahoo, to sites with a Pagerank very interesting, yes to sites that have probably spent a small fortune in the process of SEO.

Is the most fun I planted my blogs among the top without spending a single sub. Neither creation nor in promoting or referencing.

You want to be "Number One" on Google, Yahoo and MSN?

Here is the secret solution: You must create your own blog!
You are spared to live without blog.

Creating a blog is now a breeze.
Why create a blog:
For these simple reasons:
- Easy, fast and even with free services such as,, myspaces ...

- The management is extremely simplified. This is the 'Push button publishing'.
- The function you create interactive credibility but also proximity.
- Search engines love blogs and love. These engines 'devour' the content of blogs.
- The advent of search engines that specialize in blogs, do not she said a few things?!
- This is the most ideal way to 'educate' your customers and prospects.

That said, here's my recipe has not yet revealed 7 secrets to make a blog # 1 of Google and Yahoo:

1 - Unique content optimized yahoo recently joined Google in indexing strategy unique content quickly. This is the war of unique content that is required. The more you write original posts you make more visitors to your blog, but more importantly, you will get a better rating from the search engines.

Means optimized content, content rich in keywords related to your niche market, and also a content rich links (internal and external). In other words, links that point to your internal pages and course credits to pages outside your blog but in relation to the theme of your blog.

2 - Blog & Ping: Write your blog on a regular basis, 2 or 3 times a week is a good practice. If you can hire a writer for your blog: writing a message per day you will explode your traffic, and you will force the search engines to index your content before others.

Ping means the only specialized directories inform the recent update your blog. You can use free services like or

3 - Submit your blog to directories: directories blogs, RSS directories and directory sites. Avoid automatic submissions. If you submit your blog to directories 5 per day (20 minutes work), after a month you will have 150 directories that link to your blog. It's good for your SEO internet, it's good to get more back links.

My advice: choose the directories that have a Page Rank of 4 and more.

4 - Write articles for article directories: yes, write articles and submit them to free content directories (as contenulibre, content-free ...) is the best way to create a good reputation net and get backlinks.

Hold! One of the articles I have written has been played by more than 45 webmasters, so they are 45 websites that link to my blog. For only one item.

5 - Discussion forums: The friendly place or being discussed our problems and experiences. The discussion forums are a gold mine for free promotion and referencing your site or blog on the Internet. Often, these places include professionals but also novices.

Add your signature at the end of each contribution, but we must respect the rules of each forum.

6 - Comments on other blogs: While Google is rarely support links from comments (Especially for these blogs adding the tag 'no follow' their comments), but Yahoo and Msn treat these links as backlinks ordinary even with the tag 'No follow'.

7 - Social Bookmarking and Tagging: Without going into details, they are simply votes for your blogs posts. You can use a free service like to create your tags and links to Social Bookmarking to add at the end of each post.

Once your readers like what you write, they will Tagger or Bookmark your posts on engines and specialized directories. This increases your traffic and your positioning on the major search engines.

A good work at home: to publish books on the internet!

How do you work from home and spend a few hours with Bill Gates?

You could ask him his opinion on the future of the Internet, for example. Or Richard Branson, founder of Virgin?

Or Napoleon? Or Alexander the Great? Or Plato, Montaigne and Voltaire?

"That's it, we completely derailed. Was mixed past and present and delusions of grandeur," you say to yourself maybe.

Not at all.

Bill Gates and Richard Branson have written books without necessarily working from home.

The life of Alexander the Great, the thoughts of Plato, Voltaire and Montaigne and hundreds of great men who have changed the world are also in books.

For a few dollars you can spend time with them, they reveal their innermost thoughts, show you how to react, how to think, how to act to succeed.

One does not take sufficient account of the almost infinite power of books.

One book can change destiny.

And who has the power to publish these books?

For centuries it was the editors who have this power.

Now, with the advent of the Internet, YOU ALSO have that power.

The Club Web Publisher allows you to change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people.

And you realize that, more than the money and the benefits it brings, is the power to positively influence the lives of others that you like the most. milleure the way to work from home.

Being Internet Publisher is waking up in the morning with the joy of loving what you do. You do not work any longer: you will make service to others.

We asked the founder of Wal-Mart, the largest retail chain in the world, what motivated him.

"I never wanted money, but the service to my clients, and I certainly gained as much or more than if I had just wanted to get rich."

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Expand your homework on the internet constantly

We can not live without breathing. When breathing and exhalation cease our existence will risque.Il same goes for work at home.

To survive, he must learn from new experiences, ideas, systems, clients, referral sources, technologies, the team members and centers of influence.

And it must expire archaic habits, limiting beliefs, annoying customers, outdated practices, expired equipment and technologies and resources that have become obsolete.
Accordance with the law of polarity, we are either growing or dying. The company is either growing or dying.

When stagnation occurs, the regression process begins.

What does this mean for you as an owner of a home business?

It means that we must constantly move in the direction of change and growth that you can accomplish this in several ways:

1. Commit to meet new people every week - for connection, communication, sharing and caring for those you meet.

2. Keep an open mind and a keen interest in learning new technologies, systems, processes, practices and manuals.

3. Be aware of changing trends in the economy. Subscribe to publications in your industry, read about world events that have an impact on home business on the internet, ask your customers what they want more, less.

4. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to think outside the box, take new risks and operate outside of your comfort zone. It is not rare brain form new groups a few years because the existing ones in the end plate.

5. Determine who has already achieved what you want for yourself and model or ask them to mentor you.

These are your inhalations.

Then release all the things that are causing you frustration, setbacks or simply go forward, such as:

1. No opening of new contact with friends, clients, referral sources, mentors, team members, partners, joint venture or suppliers.

2. Tolerate clients or customers that create stress, financial burden, and the burden on the company. The simple act of firing a client who is the joy of life and business, even if it pays well, can release the negative effects of attraction that keeps you better attract more pleasant customers who could pay more.

3. Think you've learned enough. The world is changing faster than 12 months in all decades. What you know today may be a history lesson in six months. If you are not learning, someone else is, and will last you smoking in no time.

4. Becomes too comfortable. Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.

5. Remain in unproductive relationships and networks because unhappiness is easier to tolerate than venturing into the unknown.

It is your exhalations.

Measurement of your thoughts and actions based breath of the company and determine where you need to change.

Taking some of these steps is better than nothing, but taking all your key to good health, long life and prosperity of the business or work from home on the internet.

Referencing a website: Role of the directory for good positions

Would you like to improve the promotion of your website?,
Would you plant hard links to your website pages with high traffic and page rank that exceeds 4?
Like - you optimize your website for the search engines without spending a dime?

Good news! This is possible if you operate strictly potential directories.

yes, directories allow you to bring a flood of free traffic to your website double blow.

That is to say, the visitors who come by searching through the directory on the one hand, and on the other visitors who come through search engines. Because directories increase your Page Rank and therefore your ranking in the search engines

Before submitting your website or blog to directories, you need to check this:

* Your site must be rich in content: humans often visit your site before accepting or not in the directory.

* Internal links on your site must be valid.

* You must choose the appropriate section to your website to bring qualified visitors, not tourists.

* Some directories require you to put a link back. If the Page Rank of the directory equal to or greater than 4, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In fact, promoting your website is significantly improved through submitting to directories.

create a blog?!

What is the most cost effective method to create a blog? First you have to find its market, a highly requested by users. Using the tools mentioned in my articles précedants helped me find a market in vogue. I found that windows vista ultimate is a highly requested by users of the operating system.

Using Windows vista ultimate operating system for your computer is highly recommended. This information has no relation with the creation of a blog, but just to inform you of the launch of a blog dedicated to Windows vista ultimate.

on this blog you will learn tips and good stories to be an informed user of vista ultimate. I use free blogs as the main source of my income online. Later I will give you useful information on the earnings generated by this new blog and how you too can create a profitable blog and put it on the internet.

Submit your site to directories for a good SEO:

Before submitting your website to directories specialist must develop a strategy to carry out your mission and reap the results.

If you manage this task, the positioning of your website on major search engines, go in the right direction.
But beware, the criteria for positioning a website are not the same in all three search engines of the site (ie: Google, Yahoo, MSN).

Google, for example, takes into account several criteria to give greater value to a backlink.

Among these criteria:

The Page Rank of the backlink, the IP address of the backlink, backlinks The main theme in question Backlinks that point to the site in question ...

That said, here are some good suggestions to follow before submitting your site to directories or blog:

• Reserve a specific email address for this task, not to overwhelm your inbox with hundreds of confirmation emails.

• Pay attention to page rank directories in question: for best results, choose directories with a Page Rank of 4 (10) or more.

• Choose carefully the category or subcategory to properly place your website.

• Some directories ask you to put on your site to link exchange if the directory has a Page Rank of 5 or less, no problem. Where appropriate, it is not recommended.

Well, these tactics can only improve the positioning of your website.

Tricks to work more efficiently:do you know it?

Time, if poorly managed, can become a stressor :it's TRUE !
Here are some tips to help you work more efficiently and confidently in everyday life:

1. Do not accept more than what you can handle. Sometimes people want to do well so they accept more work than they can really perform, and they think and able to get a promotion. What they forget is that they will eventually be less effective, more frustrated and stressed.

If you think you will not be able to meet your deadlines, be honest and talk to your boss. With an appropriate explanation, he / she will be able to give the task to someone else and be grateful for your sincerity.

2. Organize your documents. A table with too many papers leave you perplexed. Think group similar documents in the same cover, this will prevent you from wasting time looking thereafter.

3. Move. Make maximum physical exercise, reduces stress and anxiety. Playing sports will help you keep a healthy body, which will have a direct positive effect on the quality of your work. Even at the office, take a break and enjoy to stretch.

4. Get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep will weaken you and prevent you from staying concentrated in the office. 7-8 hours of sleep normally sufficient but there is no standard. Some need only 4 hours of sleep to be fit. Know your own sleep needs and make sure you get enough sleep. Take a nap of 15-30 minutes during the day to refresh you.

5. Use tools to save time. Use a stamp with your signature to avoid having too many documents to sign. If you have the choice, opt for a laptop so you can use it at home if necessary.

6. Take a light lunch. If you overeat at lunch, you're likely you
feeling tired for the rest of the day. Instead, take a light lunch and a snack to keep in shape in the afternoon.

7. Delegate. While you work, you probably lose time on e-mails and calls unwanted son, or waiting to print documents. If you could delegate these tasks to someone else, you win a considerable time.

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to sell products, information and valuable advice on a commercial site?

Many bloggers think they are bad sellers. This idea leads them to believe they can not live off the sale of a product or affiliation.

Result? They continue to gain crumbs limited to banners.

One thing which they do not think: Many traders are poor sellers. Yet they managed to unite a large and loyal customer.

Why? Because they build relationships with their customers. Or because they are seen as experts. The good news is that you can obviously do the same thing.

The more information you share with your readers value, the more you will seen as an expert, the more they will trust you.

If you sell computer accessories, instead of limiting you to an online store, you can make your website an encyclopedia: it is to publish guides to help your readers to choose their PCs, comparative tests, articles on such technology ...

The goal is to become a reference. Being seen as an expert, and not just as a seller. Your articles, your guides and your comparisons are not intended to lead directly to sales. Content creation is a long-term strategy.

If all your articles adopt a promotional tone that grows directly with the purchase, then you do not provide more information, you sell. The idea, however, is to give before you receive. To establish your site as a reference. Being perceived as an expert.

Many companies are afraid to do. They consider it a waste of time to write articles are not purely promotional. There must be a mistake.

In a store where a seller push you to buy with aggressive techniques, you spend maybe at checkout. But the next time you will buy, you will likely go elsewhere.

In contrast, when the seller is passionate about his subject, he shares his experience with you, advise you that an honest and sincere, he teaches you how their product works and how to choose a suitable model for your needs, you are not only satisfied, but you certainly come back. You talk of possibly around you

By posting valuable information about an online store, you're doing the same thing. And this is where the strength of a blog as a business tool.

Use video to increase your income and sales on the Internet: do you believe it?

Do you know that a simple YouTube video can dramatically increase your conversion rates and skyrocket your profits?

If you want to convince buyers to invest in your product, create a video designed to educate buyers different methods to achieve more sales (this is an example). In fact, creating a video is often much easier for some people (especially those who hate writing).

A well-known marketer used the video to make his list.

John Reese has used the power of viral marketing blog that rush is one of the most used widgets in the blogosphere.

How did he do it?

Well, he just sent people watch his video on how to create a list free from his blog and he has implemented a very simple way for people to register and refer their friends.

Their friends have watched the same video and they did the same thing until almost every blog on the Internet has begun to use blog rush.

He accomplished all this because he had a powerful video that prompted people to take action immediately.

About working from home

All experts who have made ​​you say, "working from home is very pleasant." This allows:

More flexible schedules,
The ability to care for children,
To work evenings playing sports during the day,
To avoid long journeys between home and office
Take advantage of his time,
Organize themselves at their own pace.

This does not work in your pajamas (we managed badly), not to leave and never leave his seat.
Although it will be difficult the first time, do something other than developing your business and work at home, do not pull a line on your privacy: This is your chance to enjoy a new freedom do not waste it.

That said, start a work at home independent also means limiting costs.

You can start with virtually no equity (except what the first months of life to your home work and cover your costs), and at your own pace.
Keeping in mind, however, never that, if you do not have an employer, you now have customers. And the client expects results.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Change of job: Ideas to have to succeed!

Job change now? You're serious, really?

Most executives expect the labor market is dynamic to go outside, but they do not realize that it was at this time that the competition is fierce. It is paradoxical but true: it is not that easy to reposition when the market is healthy.

Change job when the economy slows may even be saving for a career. When we see today the speed at which the staffs succeed in business, one can ask whether it is not more dangerous to stay warm.

So you want to change the heading to a new job?

Lead primarily a reflection on the "service offerings." the right question to ask is not: is it the right time? but rather, am I willing to do?
Few people are actually able to respond. To find out, take the question, make a "freeze frame" to determine its strengths and values. We will review it is so intuitive is more methodically, with the help of a consultant.
On this foundation, we can then build one or more career plans.

The real risk is to underestimate the importance of their future work environment. This is a big mistake. If you change the sector, it must at all costs keep the same scope of responsibility.

Choosing hoster website: free or paid?!

Everyone nowadays has his own blog. People have different types of blogs. They could be personal, travel, business and etc.

Blogging has become the most business to make money working from home.

At the end of this post, you will be able to decide if a free hosting service blog for you. However, this approach is recommended for beginners in blogging.

Let me tell you the benefits of free hosting services your first blog.

Your blog hosting services free:

1. There are many free blog hosting services such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. start a blog with one of these services without cost.

2. Moreover, adding images and videos to your posts is the icing of the cake with these services.

3. You can make your blog more attractive with the themes available on these services.

4. With services like Hub pages, you can enjoy more goods and integrated Amazon and eBay and sell easily.

5. You do not need to worry about the domain name and hosting renewal. Everything is done automatically for you.

Own your blog and be proud of:

1. Starting a blog with a custom domain name boosts your online presence.

2. You control the appearance of your blog and you can customize it as you wish.

3. If you use WordPress as blog publishing tool, you will still be able to dress up your blog with themes free and attractive.

4. Although you have to spend a little money for the domain and hosting every year, you can monetize your website and you can cover the cost of accommodation with text ads.

The final verdict:

Having a blog that is running on a free service is just like hiring a place to operate your business. You have to move, if you are asked.

But owning a domain and host and start a personal blog is like buying a new earth, for you to construct the building and running your business. It may take some time, but yields are high compared and you have total control over your blog.

Based on the hosting service free blog first to start a blog is purely based on necessity. If you have a passion for blogging, but do not have the time other than writing a blog, you should obviously choose the free service.

But if you want a professional blog and take your career blogs as passive income, then you have to spend some money and start with a paid service. You only pay for the domain and host. It costs about $ 70 per year, which is very reasonable.

Find a job on internet

To find a job, or a job change, there are of course, the traditional approach: classifieds, recruitment agencies, unsolicited applications, word of mouth. All techniques absolutely irreplaceable. However, it would be a shame to deprive another weapon and if internet is not yet part of your outfit, it is time to include it.

Especially the network, once reserved for senior managers, now opens to all job seekers, the scientific business, through the secretary. For job seekers, the approach is less traumatic and less chance of success are greatly increased.

For current employees, the internet is the perfect tool to manage his career more closely. But beware, beneath a friendly and casual, the fabric is not the kingdom of anything. Cyber ​​condidature has its rules and constraints. And all sites are not equal. Finding a job on the internet requires more vigilance.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5 steps for a profitable blog

It is easier to create and monetize a blog.
Indeed, it seems that everyone is trying to earn money from home using the power of the Internet.

It is quite legitimate, I'm part of that crowd.

I tested for 3 years and several offers many opportunities and I would like to share with you what works and what does not. (At least in my case)
I'm not a 'Guru' just a regular home like you who constantly learns and applies what he learns.

In fact, you will not find a magic solution.

Below are the key points on which you need to concentrate on profitable or monetize their blog:

1 - find and select a niche: what do you offer? If you do not have a product you can sell a service, if you do not service, sell the service of another, affiliate marketing could be a solution for you to start slowly if you have not your own product or service, this is the solution I use.

2 - Create your blog, if you know nothing about creating a blog, ask someone to do it for you.
Pouratant, you can create your blog without knowledge or programming or HTML. Better yet you can create a blog totally free.

3 - Develop a marketing strategy to promote your blog (that would be your real job). You must bring qualified visitors and real prospects to your blog.

You need to learn internet marketing strategies if you want to survive on the net. Simple and practical. I hear the "gurus".

4 - Diversifying means of monetization. This is the most important, a multitude of income or diversify your resources more accurately, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Sell ​​a product or service; install Google adsense ads on your blog to passive income, set up your database prospects or customers or offer Amazon books on your site in relation to the theme of your business. These are examples to diversify your income.

5 - You have to read anything that might help you develop your blog (free articles, courses, ebooks, forums ...)

Why a blog?

Since the invention of the World Wide Web, people had surfed the Internet, finding useful websites, informative, hilarious, bizarre, disturbing or entertainment. When you find one of these websites and it strikes a chord with you, you tell your friends, they tell their friends who send out as qu'email to inboxes around the world and suddenly, everyone knows the 'funny story about the king, Donkey and Princess covered in mud. Or anything like that.

This is the concept behind a blog. At least it does not go through all these steps. You can have a page that you write, to include links to ratings in funny anecdotes, information, photos and video. Everyone you know and thousands (or even millions) you do not know can get the `hooked 'on your sense of humor or pathos and sign your blog daily to see what happens next. The history of blogs Blogging has experienced a surge forward and is a full-on traditional trend now. Some of the most well known blogs attract web traffic that even large corporate owners web site e-commerce envy.

Weblogs contain links to interesting websites or numbers and are strongly polarized by the personality of the individual who is blogging. Blogs can include advanced web design or be a single page of plain text. The popularity of this format of communication is due to the variety of personalities and blogs out there in cyber space, attracting like-minded people to seize every existence. Jorn Barger, owner of robot wisdom weblog is credited with inventing the weblog `limit 'in December 1997. The shortened form is called by Travis Petler, which separated the weblog 'into U.S. BLOG as humorous reference in a sidebar on your own blog. These, by now ancient limits of the Internet, early weblogs were included elements not much more than manually update popular websites. With browser-based softwares now technically simplified and dedicated hosting services blog spread all over the internet, even those less-than-savvy, non-techies out there can produce and edit a blog. Blog software such as Movable Type, WordPress or LiveJournal on can be used to run a blog. The practical use of blogging has not been fully explored because it is a new medium for communication.

Common uses of blogging include communication, self-expression and storytelling. The typical use of blogging as a personal device for self-edit Makes sense since it was the goal at the beginning of the weblog. The device of the blog grows beyond the personal and corporate to customer service and sharing and knowledge management. The blog is also an emerging platform for education by blogging about the study and the community. The future of blogging is unlimited, it gives the reader a personal connection to the blogger and is easily accessible. Blogging is already used for tracking interactive journalism, marketing and self-experience. It is possible to use blogging to be adopted by more industries as the media form becomes even more within the scope of public knowledge. There are opportunities for blogging in the government, for example campaign and social reform. The possibilities extend to health with a online means doctors, nurses or caregivers to be more extensive contact with patients to assist in patient care.

Create your own luck, create your home work!

You hesitate to take a major decision to improve your life? to get a job at home? So believe me, you lucky escape.

In business, no room for wavering. We must dare to make a decision quickly.


Luck is fickle and can not be retained by force. Treat it with tenderness, and you will displace you prefer someone stronger.

Why should you create your luck?

• Any large project or great discovery began with A SIMPLE IDEA germinated in the mind of the wearer. At first, the idea is treated with suspicion, even with some doubt, if not impossible to realize.

• It is often by "creating a work at home business or a" heavy paperwork, a more complicated, huge capital in addition to the uncertainty and difficulty of the first customers.

No this is not always the case, especially if one wants to go home.

• In fact, there are new ideas, tricks and methods that make it easy.

Consider the creation of a profitable business at home
It minimizes all costs by working at your own pace. It also allows you to gain your freedom.
It is this cause that will help you to overcome all challenges.